Our Aluminium Boats

Robust and durable

We operate and produce high quality boats and offer a comprehensive solution with a competitive advantage in terms of consistency, performance and innovation. Regardless of individual requirements or design Ophardt Maritim develop, render, optimise and produce aluminium boats in series. Our extensive cooperation with teams of designers and naval architects has led to the completion of numerous innovative products.

Current Projects


The OPH/1280/R is Ophard's next generation high-speed interceptor RIB. It is available in various engine configurations. With the triple Mercury outboards speeds of over 70 knots can be achieved. This model was developed over three models, the OPH / 1280 / R being the Mark III version. This particular configuration carries 6 passengers with a pilot and a navigator. It was also specially designed by Norson Design to best meet customer requirements. The hull was designed using advanced Ophardt robotic systems to ensure the accuracy and symmetry required for safe operation at high speeds. The variable step hull has an overall length of 12.8 m. All systems and devices are easily accessible for maintenance. The hull has four watertight compartments, each with its own bilge pump and monitoring system. The boat has a range of 200 nautical miles at a speed of 60 knots. The cabin can be equipped with ballistic protection built into surfaces and windows. Multiple layouts are available to meet customers requirements. In addition to its high speed stability, the platform enhances its exceptional seaworthiness as well as some of the best high-speed maneuverability in its class.


The OPH/1220/D is a sample configuration of a high-speed multipurpose open deck boat, specially designed for operational purposes. The aft and front platforms of this model are suitable for boarding activities and enable good handling of equipment. The deck layout can be designed for up to 12 passengers, with shock & G-force absorbing spring seats. Cargo rails integrated into the deck allow the seats to be pushed together as required, depending on the number of people or on the individual mission.

The Yamaha triple "XTO Offshore®" 425 hp outboard engine enables a top speed of up to 65 knots. Other propulsion options are also available. The OPH/1220/D is equipped with extra-large fuel tanks that enable a range of 250 nm at a cruising speed of 50 knots. The OPH/1220/D has been developed in cooperation with German special forces and has already been extensively tested on missions.


The OPH/1155/R combines high-speed efficiency with low weight and a comfortable operation. In the layout of this example configuration, ergonomics and comfort of the driver were particularly taken into account: The unique patent-pending adjustability of the steering unit, which can be extended and retracted via a switch, allows drivers to position themselves according to their stature and preferred driving position. The OPH/1155/R has already been extensively tested in training and operations of special units.


Uncomplicated, light and very manoeuvrable – these are the characteristics of the OPH/707/R model. This RIB combines safety, stability and maximum user-friendliness making it a real all-round talent. It is designed as an extremely versatile boat with high speed and perfect handling in all situations and sea conditions.

The console design is inspired by the automotive industry. The console's shape ensures optimal aerodynamics and ergonomics. The position of the steering wheel and gearshift have been adapted to the boat in collaboration with Ullman Dynamics. These are positioned on the body in such a way that they can be operated intuitively and comfortably. The ergonomic footrest with non-slip strips provides additional support. At the same time, there is enough legroom, and a good view is guaranteed while sitting comfortably.

OPHARDT Maritim has already sold and delivered this model a number of times to the waterway police of several federal states.


The deep V-hull of the OPH/969/D ensures that this model is easy to handle even in rough waters with strong winds and large waves. The OPH/969/D is a boat with "double performance": that means that, depending on trim and speed, it has two distinctly different yet stable "personalities". The "variable step hull" with longitudinal steps and sprayrails combines high speed performance and stability with improved cornering and a particularly good overall behaviour in water.

The unusual feature of the variable step hull concept is that ascents and descents are combined lengthwise, while at the same time good ventilation and a balanced pressure ratio are ensured over the entire length. This design provides a perfect performance of the boats at speeds of over 60 knots.