Platforms for house boats

A strong base to build on

Relax and sleep to the sound of waves, wake up to the call of seagulls and enjoy watching the sunset on the distant horizon - all from you very own houseboat. These luxuries are only a short distance from home on a houseboat!

As an OEM manufacturer Ophardt Maritim provides the “fundaments” for your dream house on water. A stable platform of two sea water resistant aluminium pontoons upon which a solid holiday home can be built safely.

1. Stable platform

Aluminium profiles are slotted together to create a secure and stable platform for any building structure.

2. Distortion free outer skin

Beautiful on the outside: Made of 8mm and 12mm thick seamless aluminium automatically welded by robot.

3. Hard skin, hard core

Internal strength is also important:
The skeleton of frames, cross beams and stringers guarantees great stability of the pontoon.

4. Individual Sizes

Individual sizes can be ordered. Depending on the required size a construction of up to three pontoons is possible.