Ophardt Precision Hull (OPH)

Our classic product

Our passion for precision and technology led to the creation of a patented concept for boat building. The Ophardt boat chassis is based on a semi-parametric construction technology used in the automotive industry. The chassis is built using a modular system with aluminium of 8mm thickness that is also resistant to sea water. All components within the modular system are constructed using CAD technology and are calculated, produced and tested to the highest standards. Excellent safety, optimum handling characteristics and durability are guaranteed. Our OEM system solution is perfect for anyone interested in both individual exterior and interior design.

1. Distortion free outer skin

Beautiful on the outside: Made of 8mm and 12mm thick seamless aluminium automatically welded by robot.

2. Triple Technology

The combination of welding, screws and adhesives maximises both joint strength and torsional strength and prevents corrosion.

3. Forfoot

Speed Module: for use is boats where a high but smooth speed is needed in rougher water. Ready for the installation of a bow thruster. The forefoot serves as an impact or crumple zone.

4. Strengthened brackets

Motor optimisation module Hydraulic system to mount out-board engines Aimed at improving fuel economy, improvement in manoeuvring and protection against collisions.


Outer skin

Salt water resistant aluminium (EN AW-5083), 8 mm thick


DuplicAl® Serial production using CNC machines and industial robots.


Integration and use is a wide range of water vehicles.

  OPH-8 OPH-10 OPH-12
LOA 8080mm 9917mm 12090mm
Width 2500mm 3160mm 3800mm
Unladen weight 1,1t 1,7t 2,4t
Vessels draught / water displacement 0,62m/3,7t 0,73m/6,5t 0,86m/10t