Our OEM products – exclusive for individual requirements

Project planning, development, production – in house.

The production sites in Duisburg Ruhrort and Sonsbeck provide Ophardt Maritim with excellent production facilities for aluminium processing. Our experience in construction, development and production support innovative, future-oriented solutions.

Serial production in small quantities

In close cooperation with our OEM customers we develop individual customer solutions and offer components, modules, boat hulls or house boat platforms in sea water resistant aluminium in strengths of 4 to 12 mm.

Customised products

Thanks to our wide product range and our technological expertise we can help you to fulfil any specific request. We place great emphasis on qualitative criteria including soft skills such as trust and openness. Thanks to our specialisation of serial products we are able to fulfil quantitative requirements. As an OEM we aim to generate medium and long-term cost potential through strong partnerships.